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The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a country in the northern-western Europe, being the world’s 17th largest economy and one of the European countries with the most unique history and tradition behind. For its 17 million inhabitants, Netherlands offers a large series of opportunities of development and a high level of well-being in life, focusing on human rights and needs and also maintaining a climate of democratic economic competition. Like in every country that is development-focused and connected to the nowadays global world, the competition in business field in Netherlands is hosted not only in the offline, but also in the online medium, the means being adapted to this new environment. So, that means that if you are a company that provides online services like web designing and SEO in Netherlands, you have to adapt your weapons to fight continuously for web designing leads and SEO leads Netherlands.


Netherlands has a long tradition of succeeding on its own through fishing, agriculture, commerce and banking and this fact can be seen nowadays by observing the marketing of values and distinctive points in the process of tourism. Consequently, with every generation, the people of Netherlands are taught to rely on their own potential and resources, without any need of requiring foreign help, fact that applies even nowadays and can be proved statistically.Nland2Source: – Annual turnover of non-food consumer goods wholesale trade in the Netherlands from 2009 to 2013, by domestic and foreign (in million euros)

Concerning services, the Dutch prefer local vendors rather than foreign ones due to reasons like easier accessibility, ethnocentrism or local economy support, thus if you are a company providing web designing and SEO services you should focus on Potential Business Leads And Exclusive SEO Leads as it is easier for you and it is actually a preference for your prospective clients.


One way you can easily do that is letting the calling and door-to-door type of sales in the past and starting to make the local potential clients even closer than they are. How can you do that? It is not about what you can do, but what our CRM service actually does. It researches for you and creates a database of prospective clients which are not that efficient in managing their digital marketing needs. In other words, you offer them an accessible opportunity of improving their potential and you make your own business more efficient, being one step ahead your competition.

To be more explicit, our service is based on an automatically algorithm that operates on a pilot mode, doing all the complete data mining, cleansing, enriching and finding loopholes for you in order to reach your new clients. Furthermore, it offers you access to a notifying system about the status of the clients: if they are your clients, anybody else’s clients or still prospective clients. In other words, it does the work of one day sales guy in 15 minutes, finding you web designing leads in Netherlands and SEO leads in Netherlands and lets you focus on other important stuff.

Be one step ahead others! Choose the smart way for business and be one of our companies in 25 countries!


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