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What is the very first thing Canadians do when they want to buy something ? They just go online, like well, everyone really. But most of the times, they end up looking for something very different than the one they were at first. There are micro-moments that change Canadians’ mind, and marketers and businesses must be aware of these changes and anticipate them way before they happen.

Canada map with shadow effect presentation
Canada map with shadow effect presentation

As we all know, technologies are changing the world, and 76% of Canadians use their smartphone to gather information for the purchase of a product or a service, preferring most of the time on local businesses. Actually, 70% of them had immediately visited the website or store. Convenience often matters more than brand loyalty, so businesses should prove convenience consistently for them to turn into the brand customers choose to pay for over and over again.

A very important reason why Canadians would rather use local SEO services is because of their language. Canada is a bilingual country, with both french and english recognized as the nation’s national languages, being 23.3% of the population french, 58.8% english, and about 45% bilingual. So because of this, businesses’ websites usually are also bilingual, and that can be a little bit more challenging for SEO & web design agencies when it comes to targeting both languages. It is not just about translating at all, french speakers just don’t use the exact same english keywords when they search, they often use terms related to their culture. Also, for SEO in Canada it is very important the target locations for each languages, you don’t want customers and leads form other french speaking countries on your Canadian website, do you? They are just not relevant web traffic.


When it comes to exclusive SEO leads in Canada, you have to be very careful so you don’t get them all mixed up, and also be prepared to be able to work with both languages.

And this is not all. Canada has a very multicultural population as well, with languages such as mandarin, italian, punjabi, and others. So you, as a SEO and web designing business, should have in mind that many small companies may not be sure how to handle all of this and they might be having a very hard time figuring out. These companies are your best leads.



At Lead Pot, we can help you reach these businesses, work along the way with them and develop a plan according to their location, language, population, needs, etc. Through the CRM system, we provide you with quality SEO and web designing leads in Canada and give you information and deep insights for each account. It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, small of big company, or you want to start growing on different locations, we have a package that will best fit your needs.


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