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Are you looking to buy SEO leads like every other SEO company is doing where you get nothing but just some junk shared SEO leads ?

Its hard to ignore Digital Marketing anymore and businesses are becoming more open to try different methods to generate leads for their businesses. If you are reading this, its most probably you need SEO leads. But what kind of leads are you looking after ? We are in this SEO leads industry for over 10 years now, have worked for top SEO companies, have studied and tried the seo leads from our competitors too and have seen the returns ourselves. So before you buy seo leads from anywhere else, do spend few minutes here knowing why we are not among the lot. Leads are present everywhere on the web, we have a special skill that helps agencies generate business from those leads. So yes, you can say that we do have that X factor when it comes to generation of leads.

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We do exclusive leads generation to help you get seo clients and fill your pipeline with exciting seo prospects. We work every day to ensure we are at the top of what we do, we offer the best seo leads to clients like you by helping you get hooked with the client who needs your specific services. Our founders have run their own seo agency in India and were flooded with SEO requirements from clients across the globe. And you should know that this was done without major SEO of the website or attending events or cold phone calls. Email and specific outreach to people and companies on social platforms like linkedin was the key to success.

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So we know how to grow the SEO business with experience in almost every industry. Just take a start and see how our exclusive service helps you increase conversion and close more business. The money report is all what you need to read, right? What makes SEO Business so lucrative & why is it important to have a proper seo leads generation process ? – Businesses are paying and spending on digital mediums talking and ofcourse seo needs to be done on every month basis because the moment they stop their seo other company will outrank them sooner or later. SEO industry is becoming competitive everyday and even good seo service companies are struggling to target right prospects because that team and experience in lead generation is lacking which makes it very difficult to land good seo projects. Though businesses and company in the seo industry try looking for different ways every day like doing their own seo, content marketing, paying for ads (PPC), buying companies list, posting article, blog & guest post, staying active on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram but there are very few who have a proper sales process in place which can help them in creating a seo lead generation engine and help the team in growing.

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Our SEO Leads Generation Process

Process we follow to generate seo leads (search engine optimization qualified leads)


We are data driven and help agencies grow through our unique methodology & service delivery (you can say – simple for us 😉 but difficult for almost 98% of other SEO agencies).


We start with lead researching in your preferred region & specified industry to see which businesses can be our prospective client.


To know whether the company is actually a fit for seo and if it can be a potential client for search engine optimization, we do the required analysis.


We have access to multiple paid tools and use different techniques for doing the companies audit.

We use

Our Tools

  • 1-Organic traffic analysis (To see if the traffic has dropped to the main domain or sub-domain)
  • 2-Design analysis
  • 3-Content analysis tools
  • 4-Rank tracking tools
  • 5-Backlink analysis tools
  • 6-Onpage seo optimization tools
  • 7-Market Trend analysis tools


Based on this analysis we create and build a list of prospects in your specified industry and region and focus on showcasing them how they can increase their business and what they are missing on in terms of opportunities every month. We use your company email address, linkedin profile of yours to reach out to the right contact (client) & show them the trends, how the competitors are using SEO for their benefits, their current seo status, analysis on what they are missing and how we can help them increase their business and qualified leads. This makes you sound like a solid SEO agency because the way to reach out is unique, makes business sense, shows them the value of seo making you different than the lot of other search engine optimization companies.


Some Tips To sell your seo services and generating seo clients from the seo leads we provide

sound like an expert on phone call or video audits or in person meeting. You can obviously take some key seo inputs from us to pitch it to the seo leads.Ask the clients key questions about their business, people (demographics) & geographical area they are targeting or the type of clients they would like to have and accordingly suggest them strategies like (You can use a 3 party tool or even ask us for the advices)


  • 1-What keywords they should target to increase visitors – Both unique and repeat visitors.
  • 2-Do the design analysis and use a data driven approach
  • 3-See if it makes sense for those seo leads to also consider PPC – Show them the past projects your team/agency has delivered and the experience you have with this sphere of online marketing. You can offer them PPC audit for the same as well.
  • 4-Show these seo leads the cost savings when they do SEO and save on Google PPC. This ofcourse needs to be communicated by your agency that you follow
  • 5-Whether these seo leads should invest in link building or not.
  • 6-Talk to them about their goals and what they want to be considered as conversion (it can be different for everyone. E.g – For the SEO agency it can be someone asking for an audit report but for someone else it can be increase exposure on search engines or increasing new visitors or to have someone read a case study or to increase conversion or to give better experience by reducing bounce rate and increasing online user experience.
  • 7-Never send just cold audits to these seo leads. If you are sending the audit via email, ensure that there is always next set of action defined. Its simple to hook and build relationship that ways.
  • 8-Explain the benefits of search rank. Give them feedback on the design or quality of code which may be hindering their rankings.
  • 9-Avoid using heavy search engine optimization jargons when you provide audits or on email/phone/in-person meeting. .
  • 10-If they are newbies, be patient and explain them the seo services – It’s easy to close these customers if you can show them how you can help them grow their business and make money through your service.

Exclusive SEO Leads opens up other projects

SEO leads are not only seo leads. Once you have these leads in your kitty, you can not only sell them seo but various other online add-ons like third party guest blog post, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer people marketing, web designing, mobile application development, app store optimization and what not. It entirely depends on your convincing skills to upsell your services. If you can show them the quality of your ideas and cost returns and can explain these SEO leads in how you can help them in increasing their sales or any other goal, they will provide you with the business – A combo marketing package or may be the full digital marketing of their company.

What else you should do post sales to build your brand in the SEO industry and have your SEO customers rave about your SEO agency ?

You will have many prospective seo leads in pipeline who might consider your seo services in the future, so always be in touch and add value at every conversation level with these leads. We have seen businesses becoming clients after even an year of the first day contact. Ask your existing clients for referrals (Another source of seo leads). Once you are successful in closing the leads as customers, give them proper report via emails or your project management tool – whatever your agency & team member uses so that they are updated real-time.

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We are the best people in the seo leads industry and have been top sales performers in the SEO leads niche. To start with, you can choose among 2 simple plans we have to help you. You get what you pay for and with us you will realize the return on the cost investment very quickly. Choose us as your seo lead generation partner and we will ensure that you get the best qualified seo leads and if you are confident about the quality of your SEO work, then you really do not have to worry about recurring paying clients. Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions you may have and one of our seo lead generation expert will get in touch with you to understand your SEO services, target market, costs and the type of SEO leads you need. We look forward in growing your SEO Agency