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Exclusive SEO Leads

SEO is very competitive and we all know that, even after having a lot of expertise and the know-how of how to rank well, its very hard to rank on keywords like “seo [local area] and above of all we never know what role google can play which may impact our rankings, so its always a good idea to have an outbound channel in place that you can rely on for our outbound hunting.

Now there are several companies who are offering SEO leads and we do the same as well but our combination is different. We help you in reaching out to the companies who are not even indexed on Google yet but they have a website and we all know without being found on google, a website is of no use.

This is the powerful system we have in place and we give you some other important information that you can mention to them while prospecting through within our CRM.

Now, you must be saying I don’t have that much time to reach out to these prospects. We have built a system where our automated sales assistant does all for you and by just spending 15 minutes or less, you are done for the day in terms of prospecting and will start getting inquiries. Sales guys usually spend around a complete day doing the same and yet will be only half productive.

Above of all these are local leads and hence improves your chances of closure as being local helps you in meeting them, understanding their business objectives and may be provide them a blend of adwords campaign services & SEO so that they can be happy with the clients flowing to them.

Our clients have typically seen a closure percentage of around 10%. These are Exclusive SEO Leads and with an effective message can help you in beating the competition. So, what are you waiting for?

Just get started, select the areas where you need the leads and we will setup your campaign and help you in generating more SEO leads than ever and they will be all exclusive, fresh and generated by you only.

If you are looking for SEO leads for sale and would like to see a demo of how it works, please fill the demo request form and we can show you how you can generate more local SEO leads than ever before.