Refund Policy

We are experts in our field when it comes to generating leads, cleansing and enriching them with deep insights and our latest automated sales assistant technology helps you in getting the best returns on your investment but as human being and technology both can make errors, we are lenient with our policies.

If you find that:-

  1. Any of the phone numbers supplied in the lead is invalid
  2. Any of the email/contact information is not correct
  3. You have reached a competitor
  4. You have received duplicate lead

You can then raise a ticket within 3 days via the support system in built and provided to you within the CRM and we will provide you with the replacements within 7 business days after reviewing your request. Since ours is an intangible service, we do not issue refunds but we will work along with you so that you keep on working along with us. As a client you are responsible for understanding this while purchasing our services.